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What People Are Saying

Share wonder

"I have had digestive problems since childhood. Abdominal pain, flatulence, constipation were my daily companion. Even after the change of food was not much better. I always had the feeling after eating that I had stones in my intestines. In the beginning when I saw the advertisement of the Plum Faith on Instagram, I was skeptical. Again, just a money scam, I thought. But then I read many positive reports and ordered a package. What would I have to lose? And BAM! It worked after all! This emptiness after everything was out of my intestine has convinced me to the effect of the plum. So people try it out for yourself and feel this lightness during the day. It is worth it. Thank you Share Team ❤"

Barbara D.

Cleaning with the tasty plum

"The plum is delicious and the success was seen the very next day. I feel very well with the intake of the plum. It is amazing what such a small piece of plum does. I have already told others about my enthusiasm and they have become curious."

Rowena B.

A good decision

"I started with half a plum in the evening and two glasses of warm water. After two days I personally felt or noticed that I could take a whole plum without problems. It turned out that I maintained (for the most part) a regular bowel movement. It is clearly noticeable that the body seems to be cleansing itself, even the sometimes bloated belly is no longer present. I am curious about the changes that will occur in the next few weeks. So far I am very satisfied and will continue to take a plum in the evening. I also hope for health improvements."

Claudio R.

Very happy

"I came through the dear Ygi to the plum:-) What can I say: Instantly ordered a sample pack and thrilled! I can only support the customer opinions. And for my daughter I have finally found a great drink which she was thrilled right away. I can only say: Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for these great products."

Nicole S.

A great experience

"I started eating the Share Plum about two months ago. The first two weeks I had to deal with cramps, but I kept going and was rewarded with a great feeling in my center. I feel lighter, freer and fit. Just try it."

Verena H.

A wonder

"I had for decades problems with digestion, lately it went almost only with "tutoring" speak enema from the pharmacy. Thanks to this wonderful plum, my bowels work from one day to the next like they used to! I didn't know what it felt like at all anymore and after a little over 1 week I still can't really believe it. I MUST and MAY simply recommend this divine plum, because a person can do nothing better for his intestines and thus for his whole body:-)))"

Gabriela R.

Share plum

"After just a short use, all my "challenges " around digestion have greatly improved or disappeared. It tastes very pleasant, I can highly recommend it."

Karina L.


"simply great...years of constipation.... nothing really helped...the plum is just great"

Ronald B.

I am thrilled

"after the first 3 days I still thought "Heavens, what are you doing to yourself here!", but after that a pleasant routine came in. For the first time I experience a regularity that does not have to be achieved with teas or even medicaments. The plum accompanies me positively in my weight loss. I feel good and look forward to the "bedtime snack" every evening. Thank you."

Sonja S.

To the well-being

"I have tried all 3 products from you, I am very satisfied with them. I want to promote my health and especially my intestinal health. Share helped me to eat healthy and lose weight."

Simone Z.

life changing experience

"this plum has totally relaxed my life. Before, my thoughts were constantly circling around what else can I take or do to get rid of my constipation. All the remedies no longer worked. Almost a year ago I got to know this plum and since then constipation is no longer an issue for me. On the contrary, suddenly diarrhea was my issue. It took me a little longer to find the right dosage. In the meantime, everything has normalized wonderfully. I take a quarter of a prune every evening with a glass of water and next morning the purging works as planned and as it should. If only someone had told me this earlier. Honestly, I no longer believed that I would find a remedy that would solve my problems and, on top of that, would be good for the intestinal bacteria."

Sandy M.

Small praline, wonderful taste and great effect!

"I first tried the Pomelozzini because I had read about the laxative effect of the plum and rather also wanted to stimulate the liver in addition to the intestine. The aromatic taste comes through the whole day in the mouth again. I had immediately the next day shiny hair and after 3 days really bounce in the hair. I realized that my hair loss must come from the intestine and tested the plum a week later. It tastes incredibly good, especially the large ones with the green ferment powder. However, I am not allowed to take more than half of one. Not even a small whole one, then it gets too uncomfortable the next day. I have had hair loss after Corona infection for over a year now and have tried all the supplements, micronutrients, gut bacteria, allergy treatment that I can think of. Everything has only helped hair quality in the short term. I am glad I have found something."

Maike H.

Valuable accompaniment during detoxification.

"The Pomelozzini have become a valuable companion for me during a six-week detox diet. They are tasty and detox gently but effectively. I will gladly order them again."

July L.


"I have just started eating the fermented plum and I am already thrilled with the healthy resounding effect. I feel light and free. At work I already raved about it and advertised. About fasting I would be advised by Lena immediately and in detail. Keep up the good work."

Christina M.

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