"ShareOriginal®1500g jumbolino is fermented for up to 30 months and tastes delicious!"

  • Thousands of satisfied customers!
  • Supports according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) your well-being!
  • High quality from mother nature!

ShareOriginal® Japanese Apricot support your inner Glow and provides a pleasant and harmonious feeling.

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Share® always puts product quality first.

ShareOriginal®1500g jumbolino

ShareOriginal®1500g jumbolino

Handpicked for your well-being

Our Share® Original plums grow wild in a 150-square-kilometer bee sanctuary in Southeast Asia and are harvested by hand. We then ferment the "Prunus mume," the fruit's botanical name, in its own juice for at least 30 months. The recipe for this process has been a closely guarded secret for decades. Then, our Share® Original plums are coated with high-quality herbs (mulberry fruit, yerba mate, natural carotene extract). And because, as we all know, the best comes at the end, we package each individual plum airtight so that another fermentation process can take place in the package.

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Ancient knowledge

All processing steps are strictly controlled and carried out as part of a certified production process in the country of origin.

Every single batch is checked and certified by an independent international institute. This means that you have an excellent product on your hands, made according to millennia-old knowledge.

You only need to eat one fruit a day to notice the positive effects on your overall well-being. The most enthusiastic customers report experiencing a previously unknown feeling of well-being in the digestive area already after a short period of use.

Why should you try Share®?

Plums grow in the wild

The fruits grow in a 150-square-kilometer nature reserve in Southeast Asia, is grown under strict organic certification criteria, and are handpicked.

Traditionally fermented

Fermented food contains countless valuable ingredients. The bad stuff is killed off. The good stuff remains and supports overall well-being.

Recommended by TCM experts around the world

Fermented prunes have been known in TCM for hundreds of years, and this ancient knowledge has been carefully passed down from generation to generation.

TCM experts recommend Share®

Based on experience, it is recommended to take 1 ShareOriginal® Plum daily, in the evening, for at least 3 months.

Effect according to TCM:

"Under the apricot tree one lives for 1,000 years."
~ TCM proverb

Your Questions

What is fermentation?

Why should I drink warm water with it?

Are there any foods that I should not eat/drink while taking Share® products?

Are you allowed to eat the core?

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