GREEN PLUM (japanese Apricot)

This fruit originated in Asia and for centuries has been cherished for its healthy effect on the gut, considered to be the second brain of the human body.

In the 1980’s the original team in Taiwan began research on a unique process of fermentation of the fruit, combined with a special herb coating, resulting in the product we know today.

In 2016 this all natural healthy snack was introduced to Europe and the U.S. under the name Share. Adopting the knowledge, philosophy and spirit of mystic Asian culture, descriptions of this amazing “new” food product have now been translated into many languages for worldwide distribution, and the quality assurance system is consistent with highest U.S. and Swiss standards.

The green Japanese apricots are grown and hand harvested in closed farming communities with limited outside influence, as they have been since the 5th century. The carefully inspected fruit is placed in wooden barrels and the barrels are tightly sealed to avoid oxidation. They are then buried underground for 30 months to maintain optimal temperatures which aids the fermentation process.

Following the first fermentation, the plums are removed from the barrels and sun-dried till reaching a residual moisture of 30%. After a maximum of two weeks, the coated plums are packaged and the final fermentation begins.

The natural process of fermentation takes place in peaceful coexistence with the surrounding habitat. A variety of lactic acid bacteria, enzymes such as alpha amylases and microorganisms create a new spiritual food.

The farmers do their work in closed communities. No outside interference is desired and they are supported by the government.

Once the fruit has been handpicked and carefully inspected, the farmers place the fruit in large wooden barrels adding nothing but the own fruit juices and ensure the barrels are tightly closed to avoid oxidation.
The further process involves burying the barrels in the ground for a period of 30 months to create the optimal temperature and best fermentation process with guaranteed highest quality results.

This provides the best basis for the optimal herb coating. After completion of the first fermentation the plums are being taken out of the containers and sun dried until a residual moisture of 30% is reached. After a maximum of two weeks the second fermentation in the packaging starts.

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