A Living Fermented Fruit for Your Living Body®

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Share® sources the world’s best ingredients. From our paper can to our vegan ingredients, we outdo others in sustainable farming, sourcing, packaging, and manufacturing. Share® products are inclusive of different diets and lifestyles.

Share® – ancestral  knowledge for the people of today

At the core of the Share® recipe is a long-standing Asian family recipe. Passed down from generation to generation, the family decided to Share® with the world. Products like Share Original® are fermented for 30 months and continue to ferment after packaging.

We carry three strengths of natural products, all different tastes. Each helps you to gain healthy gut bacteria.

Share Aqua d’Oro® is a “tummy gentle” fermented smoothie. Great for your first detox steps with Share® or fermented foods.

Share Original® is a more potent formula, 30 month fermented whole Green Plum.

Share Pomelozzini® is our most potent product. Multiple whole Pomelos in every package, fermented down to the diameter of a coin.

Share® Batch Flavor

Share® sources the highest quality ingredients. We support small farmers in Asia. Our Green Plums (Japanese Apricots) and Pomelos are carefully selected and hand-picked. Each harvest is similar to wine, with slight variations in taste based on the growing season, soil, and climate.

New to Share®?

Start with Share Aqua d’Oro® and one can per day. As your body adjusts, move to one half or full piece of Share Original®. When you become even cleaner, try one half or whole portion of Share Pomelozzini®.
All fermented products perform better with warm water right after eating. Please don’t overdo it; take your time. Share® is effective at cleaning out your digestive system. Listen to your body.

What Is ShareOriginal®?

ShareOriginal®, the fermented green plum (Japanese Apricot) is much respected in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for its natural health benefits.

Share® plum is native to Japan and southern Asia where it prospers in the ocean climate, in a region about the size of Texas. Plums are carefully handpicked and checked for the highest quality. The Share® plums are fermented in their own juices in a unique process for thirty months, after which they are coated with a mixture of special natural herbs. A second fermentation continues in the package until the fruit is consumed.

Share® is a product of Switzerland.

Learn the health benefits when you detox with fermented foods.

ShareOriginal® The good-for-you snack that becomes a health ritual!

  • Plant based/vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • GMO free
  • Swiss quality control
  • Naturally fermented food
  • Raw food quality
  • Unique and patented
  • Tastes sweet and slightly sour
  • ISOcertified
  • FDA approved


Suggested use: One fruit per day

Attention: This is a whole natural fruit – Do not swallow the pit!

Follow up with 2 CUPS of warm water
(about 100°F)