Share Aqua d’Oro®

Fermented Smoothie

Loosely translated, Aqua d’Oro means “golden water”. That sounds immodest and it should be, because the ingredients of this unique drink – or shouldn’t we say “elixir”? – reads breathtakingly. An unbelievable variety of natural products that are known for their effects can be found in the carefully composed recipe of this feel-good drink. Even in the source of the fountain of youth, you couldn’t find any better ingredients than in Share Aqua d’Oro®

So you can find the juices of FERMENTED (among others): aloe, amla, pineapple, Japanese apricot, broccoli, goji, pomegranate, guava, kamut, mangosteen, pitahaya, papaya, celery, to name just the most important. We have spared no effort to carefully collect the most valuable fruits, herbs, seeds and extracts from the eastern and western world, the northern and southern hemisphere of our planet. But we wouldn’t be SHARE® if we hadn’t made these substances even more valuable, even more tolerable and even more tangible through fermentation. With the extensive experience of our two existing SHARE® snacks, we have created a magic potion that may not immediately taste good to everyone, but which is good for everyone right away.

Share Aqua d’Oro® is characterized by its unusually high proportion of prebiotics and is therefore the ideal complement to Share Original® and Share Pomelozzini®. Prebiotics are the “favorite food” of the good microorganisms in our microbiome, which creates an ideal interaction with the antioxidant effect of the other ingredients in Share Aqua d’Oro®. Golden water, as said…

We also tried to go the right way with the packaging, which is why we decided against aluminum cans, PET and resource-intensive disposable glass. Share Aqua d’Oro® comes in CartoCan®, a cardboard composite “can” that scores with an even smaller ecological footprint. The can is an innovative German invention and is made with cardboard from Sweden.

Aqua Doro Goldener Becher
Aqua Doro Früchte
Aqua Doro Früchte Glas
Aqua Doro Früchte

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