Share Pomelozzini®

After the success of Share Original® plums (jap. apricots), we thought: all good things come in twos. Our loyal fans and new connoisseurs deserve even more. That is why we have once again combined the know-how gained from mystical Asian culture and European knowledge of fermentation to create a very special “praline” from the fruit of the grapefruit: our Share Pomelozzini®.

The basis is high-quality grapefruits (pomelos) of the highest quality. These are crushed and fermented with all valuable components for 30 months. Finally, small balls (pralines) are formed. These “pralines” (affectionately called “Pomelozzini”) inspire with a unique taste experience and at the same time do something good for body and soul. One of the most important aspects of Share Pomelozzini® is its high natural concentration of Vitamin C! 100 grams pomelo contains about 61 Vitamin C milligrams, but has only about 25 to 50 calories.

In addition, it has large amounts essential oils, of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate, plus a high proportion of bitters which stimulates intestinal activity.

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